Zigco LLC proudly introduces the SpinRx.  The SpinRx was designed out of necessity, and eliminates anchor rope twisting while still providing a 2 to 1 mechanical lifting advantage of a pulley, which separates this pulley from any other boat pulley on the market.

The SpinRx is CNC machined from aerospace grade aluminum and hard anodized for corrosion and wear resistance.  All hardware is stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance, which means the pulley is both fresh and salt water ready.  Two, sealed roller bearings have been incorporated into the design; one bearing inside of the clevis allowing the anchor to spin independently of the rope, and one bearing inside of the pulley allowing for the rope to be released and retrieved effortlessly.

Attachment and removal of the swivel pulley is quick and easy.  Simply remove the cotter ring and clevis pin, insert the pulley around the rope, and re-assemble.  The clevis pin also allows a "pivot" point, which enables the swivel-pulley to consistently orient itself in an optimal pulling direction.  For users wanting quick anchor attachment and removal, a carabiner can be added to the clevis (we recommend using a locking carabiner, or two non-locking carabiners facing in opposite directions).  However, this adds length to the overall setup.   

The SpinRx is proudly made in Bozeman, Montana and is ideal for sportsmen looking to outfit their boat with a better anchoring solution.

To learn more please email us at info@zigcollc.com